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Episode 82: Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Testimony

This episode contains the testimony of Nicole Alvarez at the trial of Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, in September 2011. Prosecutors allege that, during Michael Jackson’s final hours of life, Murray was preoccupied by phone conversations with his four girlfriends. In addition to Alvarez, Sade Anding, Michelle Bella and Bridgette Morgan also testified at the trial, but Alvarez, mother of Dr. Murray’s young son, was the most diverting.

Ms. Alvarez, a former cocktail waitress, testifies that she first met Dr. Murray at a Las Vegas club, and that he stays in her apartment whenever he’s in town. The prosecution argued that Alvarez received packages in the mail for Dr. Murray that contained shipments of propofol, the drug that killed Jackson.

Alvarez claims she occasionally retrieved packages for Dr. Murray, but didn’t know what they contained. She was too busy working, Alvarez claims, to pay attention to her boyfriend’s mail. When asked about her job, Alvarez says she is an actress, and spends her time going to rehearsals, and “refining my instrument,” which, when pushed, she defines as her “being.”

Ms. Alvarez’s biggest acting role was in a 2008 movie called Days of Wrath, produced by Foxy Films, where she played the role of “Hot Chick.” Murray was and convicted for involuntary manslaughter in November 2011, and served a two-year jail sentence.

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