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Episode 96: Tara Grinstead Trial Testimony

 Tara Grinstead was a south Georgia beauty queen and high school history teacher who disappeared from her home in Ocilla in Irwin County, Georgia, in 2005. This episode includes testimony from the second day of the trial of Bo Dukes, who stands accused of helping to cover up the crime. The man accused of murdering Tara, Ryan Duke, is set to go to trial later this year.
First on the stand is Grinstead’s Ocilla neighbor, Joe Portier,who recalls how Tara did his granddaughter’s hair for a beauty contest the weekend she went missing. Portier said that he called a police officer and the two men went to search Tara’s house, where they found clothes and jewelry from the beauty show, but no sign of Tara. Next up is John McCullough, who says he met Bo Dukes when they were in basic training. He recalls that Bo told him that Ryan got into a fight with Tara, and ended up accidentally strangling her. McCullough said that according to Bo, Ryan asked if he could borrow his truck to move Tara’s body to a pecan orchard, where Bo helped him to burn it, and bury the remains. McCullough testifies that he tried reporting what Dukes had told him multiple times, but no one would listen.

Listen to the episode here.