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Episode 97: Robert Mondrian Powell Police Interrogation

When telling lies, people are apparently either overly vague, or too specific. In his responses during this interrogation, Robert Mondrian-Powell, 59, is both extremely indirect and annoyingly particular. This polite and well-spoken gentleman explains that he was homeless when he met Elvira Segura, 67, a retired librarian whose decomposed body was found by police in the bathroom of her Las Cruces home a month before this interview took place.
Mondrian-Powell tells police that Ms. Segura let him live in her home in exchange for doing handyman work around the house. Police closed in on Ms. Segura’s former tenant after neighbors told them he recently held a yard sale, disposing of many of Ms. Segura’s possessions, then took off in her car. His description of the problems Ms. Segura was having with her headphones and her computer are pointlessly detailed, as Mondrian-Powell seems to realize he’s been caught, and is stalling for time.
But after 40 minutes of rambling about electric wiring and circuit breakers, Mondrian-Powell suddenly confesses to murdering Ms. Segura in a domestic fight. He describes smashing her head into the ground, causing her to bleed, and then shooting her in the neck.
However, the District Attorney’s Office made a mess of the prosecution. Mondrian-Powell was held in jail for 20 months while eight different members of the prosecution team took turns working on the case before the judge decided that his constitutional right to a speedy trial had been violated, and he was released without charge.

Listen to the episode here.