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Episode 105: Timothy Jones Jr. Police Confession

This child murder took place on August 28, 2014 in Lexington, SC, and this time, there were multiple victims. When interviewed by FBI agent David Mackey and Lexington County sheriff’s Detective Adam Creech, Jones, a divorced dad who had sole custody of the kids, explained that his oldest child, 6-year-old Nahtahn, deliberately blew out four electrical outlets in the home. Jones, 37, said he became angry and “PTd his ass,” meaning that he made Nahtahn do physical exercises until he collapsed and died. When Jones realized what he’d done, he said “the voices started” in his head, telling him the other children were against him, and he had to kill them, too.

Jones describes how he killed daughter Merah, 8, and Elias, 7, by strangling them with his hands, then killed son Gabriel, 2, and daughter Elaine, 1, by choking them with a belt.“I was just running on fear, and I wasn’t thinking. I started following those voices in my head,” Jones says. “Logic went out the window.” He told the officers that he’s often felt himself to be mentally ill, though has never been diagnosed by a doctor. Jones speaks in a flat voice, sometimes normally, and sometimes in a high-pitched, tearful tone, beginning to wail as he gets to the end of the confession. The jury clearly felt his “crazy” presentation to be feigned, as they found him guilty of five counts of first degree murder. Jones has yet to be sentenced, but may face the death penalty.

Listen to the episode here.