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Episode 108: Jerrod Murray Confession

In December 2012, Jerrod Murray, 18, a freshman at East Central University, Oklahoma, asked fellow student Generro Sanchez, also 18, for ride to Wal-Mart in exchange for $20. Once inside the vehicle, Murray pulled out a gun and forced Sanchez to drive five miles north of Asher, Murray’s hometown. While driving, Sanchez began begging Murray to spare his life. Murray shot him twice in the head, and the vehicle crashed into a tree. Murray pulled Sanchez out, shot him again in the head, then pushed the body into a ditch and covered it with leaves and sticks.

Murray was arrested near the scene, and taken in for questioning by Pottawatomie County Under-sheriff J.T. Palmer. Murray, speaking clearly and without hesitation, immediately confesses to the crime, telling Palmer that, “if pressed,” he would say he did it “to demonstrate the power of my will.” He states that he had thought about killing someone for a long time because he wanted to know what it felt like, and chose Sanchez because he did not seem to have many friends, and would not be missed. Murray speaks in a flat tone without emotion, and every time he speaks, addresses Palmer politely as “sir.” When asked if he feels remorse, he replies, “Well, I am glad I got caught by someone with your high rank, but no, I don’t feel any remorse for what I did.”

Evan Jolliff, a student who lived in Murray’s freshman dorm, said Jerrod was very eccentric. He wore a dark suit, carried a cane, and never went to class. “He just didn’t seem right,” said Joliff.

Murray was later evaluated by multiple mental health professionals, and all but one agreed he displayed serious signs of psychotic behavior and that, if released, he posed a significant threat to public safety. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

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