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Episode 137: Scott Peterson 2002 Police Interrogation


A few hours after Laci Peterson was reported missing by her stepfather on Christmas Eve 2002, her husband Scott was interviewed by Police Detective Allen Brocchini in the Petersons home town of Modesto, California. In the interview, he tells them almost nothing, and seems remote and unconcerned. He said that the previous day, “Laci got up, and um, I assume she had some cereal for breakfast,” Scott Peterson said. She told him she was going to make gingerbread, finish cleaning up, and take the dog for a walk. Peterson himself said he was planning to play golf, but it was too cold, so he decided to go fishing instead. Peterson says he understands that the spouse in such circumstances is usually considered a suspect, and then says, lamely, “What concerns me the most is doing anything I can to further the progress.” Peterson was convicted of Laci’s murder and the murder of their unborn son, Conner, in 2004. Their remains washed ashore at the San Francisco Bay in 2003, at the Point Isabel Regional Shoreline. Peterson said he went fishing at the Berkeley Marina the day Laci disappeared, around eight miles north from where Laci and Conner were found.

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