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Episode 4: Russell Williams Interrogation, Part 2

In the second stage of the Reid interrogation technique, the goal is to make the suspect progressively more and more comfortable with acknowledging the truth about what they’ve done. Williams remains in denial at first, unable to believe the situation he’s found himself in, but as soon as he says, “Call me Russ,” Smyth knows he has broken through the Colonel’s terrible wall of silence.

In this part hour of the interrogation, Smyth is most urgently interested in finding the body of Jessica Lloyd as soon as possible. Once he has the location of her body, he sends out officers to find it, then he moves on to talk to Williams about her murder and the other crimes he’s suspected of (the murder of Marie-France Comeau and the sexual abuse of two other women, whom he tied up and photographed). Although Williams’s responses are shocking and Smyth is clearly disturbed by them, he continued to remain composed, understanding, patient, and non-demeaning. As in similar criminal confessions (such as those of Ted Bundy and Dennis Rader), Williams is monosyllabic when it comes to the most important details, which have to be forced from him by Smyth, but is happy to talk about related issues such as the number of kilometers) he drove from Jessica Lloyd’s home (he’s obsessed with numbers, as well as underwear).

Once Williams has confessed to Jessica Lloyd’s murder, Smyth goes on to ask Williams about the murder of Corporal Marie-France Comeau.

Listen to the second part of the interrogation here.

Documents in the case against Williams.

Affadavit of Mary Elizabeth Harriman, the wife of Colonel Williams.

Watch the interrogation on Youtube